Hi World, this is me, Leeshi!

Hi World… this is me; Leeshi!


Welcome to my little part of the world! My name is Alicia but most of my friends call me Leeshi or Ali.

I’m a writer at heart. Writing has always been my passion.  I love to write lyrics, poetry, children’s short stories, and I am working on my first novel(s). However; discipline is not my strong point! By creating this blog I’m hopeful that I will develop the skills to further my dream. My dream is to someday be a well paid published author!

I created this blog as a place to express my thoughts freely…

I have a passion for LOVE and treating others as I’d like to be treated.

I try and live my life by God’s Golden Rule, but more often than not I do fall short. 

I truly believe; every path is connected by chance, fate or intention. What we do at these moments will shape our life tremendously.

I challenge you to challenge yourself, the way you think, the way you react and most importantly, the impact your actions have on another human being.

I wrote this quote years ago, because deep within my soul, I believe it to be true.

“There is a glimmer of light within us all, who’s connection melds us together like a moth to the flame.
Never suspecting the outcome…just moving towards each other, in hopes of finding what we need.”

I welcome you to visit often and leave comments if you see fit. I love making new friends and learning from the people in my life every step along the way…

But in case you never return here. Please take this message with you and pass it on…

“You Matter”…
Never for one second doubt that.

“Share the Love and Enjoy Today!” : )

-Alicia L. Anderson

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